How Far We've Come

The business started in 2013 with nothing but a tiny desk in a tiny apartment and one simple Gumtree ad.

Change was on the horizon when Adon met Janine in 2014, and this was when the foundation of ICIRIS started to form. However as with any story, there was a challenge, their timetables clashed!...and they both decided that there had to be a better way!


With an apt for creativity and learning Janine picked up her first camera and together with Adon they became ICIRIS. The business was transported from a tiny apartment into a house and the supporting infrastructure has steadily improved.

Throughout their journey, Adon and Janine discovered their skills complimented each other, building them into a well oiled machine. Their heart and soul goes into every project and you can see this through numerous reviews and recommendations they have received.


Almost 7 years in, their focus is still on their clients, producing unique quality work.