Our Team

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Adon Blake


The Why...

Creating stories helps me learn more about those around me, and by extension, learn more about myself. This means I am personally invested in every project that I take on. When given the opportunity to create a story for others I feel at home. 

Short Bio...

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, I am passionate about film and video production and have found any opportunity to create videos, from amateur projects as a young man to my professional work for clients. I am graduate of Central Institute of Technology and have completed my Certificate III and IV in Film and Television and a Diploma in Screen Studies. I have seven years' experience as a small business owner, hands-on in the film and video industry and work as a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer.  I am currently working on a Featurette called Heretics and you can find information about this project on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Heretics-Short-Film-1212619302251374 .  

Janine Blake

Co-Owner/Client Liaison

The Why...

I like working. I enjoy supporting my husband, Adon. I love people, creativity and the never ending pursuit of knowledge.

Short Bio...

I am a Perth girl who has been trained on the job as an assistant videographer with up to seven years experience. I also have almost 15 years experience in corporate, not-for-profit and local government sectors, specialising in career development and corporate social responsibility initiatives with four years as a national manager supporting young people experiencing disadvantage around Australia. I am tertiary qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University of Technology and a committee member of the Career Development Association Australia (WA). 

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Gareth Weston

Assistant Videographer