Adon Blake


The Why...

I feel like I am from another world and that is probably why I enjoy being immersed in films, games or books. So, when I am given the opportunity to create a story for others I feel at home.

Short Bio...

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, I am passionate about film and video production and have found any opportunity to create videos, from amateur projects as a young man to my professional work for clients. I am a graduate from Central Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Screen Studies my vision is to influence the film industry. I work with my clients to produce videos that are unique, great quality and meet budget specifications.

Other Loves...

My other loves include: Janine (see below) and her home cooked meals; new technology, virtual reality (is THE NEXT BIG THING); reading, writing, gaming and of course film! 

Janine Blake

Co-Owner & Client Liaison

The Why...

I work for love. Love of Adon, love of family, love of people and love of creativity. I love learning and I love being the best.

Short Bio...

I am a Perth girl with 10 years of industry experience in the career development sphere and supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives by connecting industry and community around Australia particularly around young people and their transitions to employment. I am tertiary qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University of Technology and a committee member of the Career Development Association Australia (WA). 


Other Loves...

I love learning and creating, whether this be in the kitchen trying new recipes; learning to juggle (thanks Adon); painting or drawing; crocheting and creating various floral head designs (check out our new floral products via Athena's Rose coming soon!).

The Story of ICIRIS

The story of Icarus is about a young man who flew too close to the sun. So close to the point where the wax that held his wings together melted and he fell.

This story is usually told to illustrate pride and punishment and as we all know history can be written from one perspective and we imagine the story as if it were told by Icarus himself. 

As Icarus took flight, he began to feel how limitless the world really was. He flew higher and higher until he felt that incredible sunlight. Icarus gave everything he had for that moment of glory.

Never regret thy fall,

O Icarus of the fearless flight

For the greatest tragedy of them all

Is never to feel the burning light.


The business started in 2013 with nothing but a tiny desk in a tiny apartment and one simple Gumtree ad.

Change was on the horizon when Adon met Janine in 2014, and this was when the foundation of ICIRIS started to form. However as with any story, there was a challenge, their timetables clashed!...and they both decided that there had to be a better way!


With an apt for creativity and learning Janine picked up her first camera and together with Adon they became ICIRIS. The business was transported from a tiny apartment into a house and the supporting infrastructure has steadily improved.

Throughout their journey, Adon and Janine discovered their skills complimented each other, building them into a well oiled machine. Their heart and soul goes into every project and you can see this through numerous reviews and recommendations they have received.


Almost 7  in, their focus is still on their clients, producing unique quality work.

Video Production Perth

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Janine Blake

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